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X275 was started just over 2 years ago as a grassroots racing program started by John Sears. It all started at VMP, where John got his first chance to the display the class. In the last year it has taken Head’s Up racing by storm. X275 erupted in the Northeast in 2011, with 3 local tracks, within 2 hours of each other, holding an event almost once month. You can now find an X275 event at almost any track up and down the east coast. X275 is currently producing some of the largest car counts at radial events today. Spectators fill the stands for this class as most can relate to the cars.

The rules set the cars to be street appearing for the most part, so that the fans can relate to what they may have in the garage. With stock suspension, a DOT approved radial tire and no wheelie bars, fans never know what they will see when the tree drops. From wild wheel stands to to fast side by side racing, it is sure to keep you entertained. Have a look around our new site where you can find upcoming races, race results, driver profiles and the latest in X275 racing news. We will do our best to keep this site as up to date and as informative as possible. Thanks for coming by! X275