Hoosier Racing Tire signs with X275 Program!

X275 is proud to announce that Hoosier Racing Tires will be a Contingency Sponsor at multiple events (19 in all) all the way from Michigan to Florida. As a contingency sponsor Hoosier Racing Tire will be supporting racers using the Hoosier 275/60-15 drag radial tire used in X275.

Hoosier Racing Tires is a family owned company started in the 1950′s when owner Bob Newton decided to start retreading street tires with softer compounds for racing. Working with Mohawk Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio Bob developed processes for making tires strictly for racing. In 1978 Mohawk was closing the plant in Akron where Bob had commuted to daily for 16 years forcing him and his wife Joyce to start R & J Mfg. Corp. Starting in 1979 R & J Mfg. Corp operated and still does to this day the world’s first and only factory solely devoted to the production of racing tires.

005a Hoosier Racing Tire signs with X275 Program!

Chris Evan won 3 different Championships on Hoosier Racing Tires in 2010.

In 2011 Hoosier Racing Tires met with John Sears to discuss the ever growing X275 series and what type of involvement Hoosier could play in supporting racers and events. After several phone calls and e-mails X275 struck a deal with Steve Hudspeth of Hoosier to provide contingency at multiple events throughout the 2011 season.
029a Hoosier Racing Tire signs with X275 Program!

Shelley Smith finished his 2010 VMP Championship season on Hoosier Racing Tires

For 2011 Hoosier Racing Tires is supporting X275 throughout the entire series by providing contingency at the races listed below. In order to get the contingency from Hoosier X275 representatives will be looking for the appropriate HOOSIER decal in place on both sides of you race car and you must also be on the 275/60-15 Hoosier Drag Radial. If you win on Hoosier Tires you will receive a bonus of $100 and if you are the runner up you will receive a bonus of $50. X275 Tech will have the contingency forms available to fill out and will make sure that the form is sent in to Hoosier.

Racing Schedule for Hoosier Contingency:
SGMP: 2/25-2/27

Virginia Motorsports Park (VMP): 3/26

Maryland International Raceway (MIR): 4/1
Rockingham Civil Wars: 4/8-4/10
MIR: 4/22
VMP: 4/23

MIR: 5/20
Piedmont Dragway: 5/28

VMP: 6/4
Milan Dragway: 6/11
MIR: 6/17

MIR: 7/30

MIR: 8/13
VMP: 8/27

MIR: 9/17
Rockingham Civil Wars: 9/23-9/25

VMP: 10/8
SGMP: 10/21-10/23

Bradenton Motorsports Park: 12/2-12/4


Website: www.hoosiertire.com

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