Matt Tucker Racing TRACK MATS Official TRACK MAT of X275!

sigpic9751 1 Matt Tucker Racing TRACK MATS Official TRACK MAT of X275! X275 is proud to announce that Matt Tucker Racing TRACK MATS is now the Official TRACK MAT of our series. As always we are on the look out for quality companies and products to align ourselves with and after speaking with Matt and finding out what he is all about it was a no brainier for us to get him into the X275 family. Matt shares a love of small tire racing like we all do and I think that we can work together by getting the word out about these Track Mats so that all racers will benefit. Matt is also putting up a Track Mat for the King of X275 points winner!

Thank you Matt for your time and support of X275!

Here’s a little info about Matt Tucker Racing.

I was once an index racer racing with Orsca running the 5.0 class. Needless to say I was one of the guys who had to “park that shit in the weeds.” I called up the guys at “pitmat” to try and deal with them on a small 12×24 mat, but was not satisfied with their customer service and that is where this all started. I own a trucking company and I make my living with dump trucks, so I contacted the company that makes our dump truck tarps. When I talked with the salesman he was very helpful and even GAVE me a 12×24 mat just to try and see if it would hold up and do what I needed it to do, well it did and I have used it for over 4 years with out any flaws what-so-ever. I really tested this thing to its limits and still haven’t destroyed it, matter of fact I sold it to a guy who wanted a used one about 6 weeks ago and hes still using it and he loves it. I had it in the dirt, on the asphalt, projacks on it, hell I even had my 2600lb tube chassis car on jackstands in the dirt and still didn’t cut through it! I am a guy who will stand behind this product as well as the company who makes them for me, if any one has any problems with these things I’ll be sure to take care of their problems because its my name that’s on the line now and the last thing I want is a bad name around the racing world.

In the near future I plan on stocking a few of the common sizes in the trailer for people who want them at the track, the plan is to stock only
black so if anyone wants any other colors they need to order in advance. The colors I can get are; black, red, silver/grey, blue, orange, yellow, purple, and white and they are sold by the square foot so ANY size is no problem. I will order anything from a 5×5 to a 40X200. The price is now .80 a square foot and that will not change unless the material goes up which I don’t see anytime in the near future.

As an avid Stock Suspension/ 28-10.5 racer myself, I know the benefits of having these mats on and off the asphalt. I will honestly say that i will NEVER go to a race without one and I now have several customers that feel the same. I simply want to provide these mats to my fellow racers at a reasonable cost and at the same time get compensated for my time.

Please feel free to contact me at:

Matt Tucker
102 Roberts Way
Canton, Ga. 30114

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